Arendal Culture

Our Purpose

We create, build, finance and own infrastructure projects for the growth of society; we do it profitably and with passion.

Our Vision

We are dynamic, fast and versatile; for this reason we are a successful and reliable company in our promises.

We know the goals of the company; our work is aligned with them and they have a positive impact on project results.

We proactively collaborate to achieve these goals through simple and flexible processes and systems.

We converge and satisfy the needs of our customers, shareholders and employees, and we maintain a constructive relationship with suppliers.

This is our DNA at ARENDAL, of which we are proud and makes us feel happy

Our Values

Our values ​​support our work and accompany us daily in the reliable execution of our projects


We proactively anticipate situations to visualize and find opportunities and thus implement better solutions.


We constantly learn and develop as people and as an organization. We achieve the improvement of our processes at all levels.


We do our work faster than others and in the right direction.


We comply with the agreements with internal and external clients, as well as the processes and goals of the company.


We are honest, we commit ourselves responsibly, we inform and give feedback truthfully. Our behavior is consistent with our principles.

Importance of all of us

We protect each other because we value ourselves as people and take care of our company.


We all work as a team with an attitude of service and we are jointly responsible for the results of the company.


We accept our areas of opportunity. We listen to and respect opinions at all levels inside and outside the organization, promoting dignified treatment.