Careers at Arendal

At Arendal, our hearts are in the projects, and we are driven by the development of society.

We are committed to promoting the growth of our employees and motivated by our passion and determination, we promote a culture of innovative mindset by providing continuous training through our programs of excellence and open innovation mechanisms. We offer opportunities for students, recent graduates, and senior professionals.

Developing Professionals Program

We integrate recently graduated professionals into a development plan which seeks to prepare resources with a visionary profile to be our future entrepreneurs. .

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Arendal University

We educate and provide the necessary tools for our leaders to make the best possible decisions.

Arendal University is our vehicle through which our collaborators perfect their management, technical and specialty skills.

The scope of the program is to support the organization to forge the talents that will become the next company directors. It is the strategic area that facilitates us to transmit our business vision, as well as to ensure and maintain the key processes of the company.

Job Board

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