We Build Trust
We are a leading company in the EPC construction sector. We execute our projects with our own resources (direct hire), including offshore and onshore pipelines, shore approaches and industrial plants.
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We are a World-class Company
We have a world-class Management System, our high safety standards allow us to maintain very low accident rates, as well as offering services with best-in-class quality.
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International Presence
Our presence ranges from South America, through the Caribbean and Central America, to North America. Obtaining credit and experience at the International level. We are ready for any project
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Integral Management System
We manage our projects through state-of-the-art control tools, using three-dimensional electronic models and planning systems, all integrated with our own Arendal Management System (SIGA).
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We build trust

Arendal was founded in Mexico; we are a company specialized in EPC solutions, which provides services in different industries. Arendal has a solid corporate governance that invests in talent, technology and processes, obtaining world-class results and that guarantees the execution of complex projects with innovative construction methods, focusing on efficiency.

Oil & Gas




Access to innovative construction techniques, focused on efficiencies, and first-generation equipment.


  We are one of the largest Latin American pipeline construction companies; we have laid pipelines up to 48″ in diameter in all types of topography, from swamps to mountainous sections above 45 degrees incline. We own a modern fleet of specialized equipment that allows us to build our projects efficiently.


  We are the largest HDD contractor in the region, we have an impeccable track record in the construction of directional junctions. We have executed more than 50 directional crossings with diameters up to 42 “and lengths up to 2,000 meters in all types of geology, from sand to rock. We have a multidisciplinary team specialized in the execution of directional crossings from Land-Sea that has executed directly more than 10 beach arrivals for different clients.


  We are the most complete subsea construction company in Latin America. We have executed contracts that include construction, transportation and installation of platforms interconnected by submarine pipelines. We have built underwater pipelines up to 125 meters deep, we have repaired infrastructure with hyperbaric chamber welding, we have participated in the salvage of sunken oil infrastructure. We have high standards of quality and safety at sea.



We are a general contractor for IPC projects of industrial plants in all its sectors, mainly Oil and Gas, Energy and Mining. We have more than 20 years of experience building industrial plants. Our multidisciplinary team executes the activities from the earthwork to the start-up of the plant.



We build multipurpose smart building projects, combining our vast experience in industrial automation with our modular construction capabilities in concrete or steel; We have collaboration agreements with the most innovative technologies in the civil construction of buildings.

Projects Under Execution