Our projects

  • Intermodal Ground Transportation Center (NAICM)
    The Construction of a transition building between the terminals of Mexico City´s new airport and the public transport services open to the public. It would bring services like commercial areas, metro services, bus services and parking garages.
  • Fuel Storage Terminal - Phase I (Vopak)
    The first phase of the extension and conversion of the storage terminal of Vopak in the Port Integration Administration (API) Veracruz includes the construction of two new tanks that contains 88,000 barrels, the expansion of an existing tank, and the reconversion of other tanks to be able to receive hydrocarbons.  
  • Tank "Pajaritos"
    This project consists in the rehabilitation of a tank of 500,000 bls for the storage of Mayan petroleum in the Marine Terminal of the port operation in Pajaritos
  • Repair and Maintenance "Tula"
    The maintenance and reparation of the hydrogen plant in the refinery of Tula, Hidalgo. The actions performed were: Mechanical work in the reformer zone, pipelines in the measurement of the custody transfer stations, thermal isolation in the principal teams and plant pipelines, the application of the refractory, electrical and instrumentation work.
  • Gas pipeline KIA
    This project consists of the substitution of a steel pipeline that is 1o kilometers long and of 30" cm in diameter to liberate land from the Kia plant in Pesquería, Nuevo León, México.
  • Topolobampo
    The construction of a pipeline that is 19 km long and 24" cm in diameter. This pipeline will transport natural gas that comes from the Encino-Topolobampo to the combined central cycle, the Noreste and the Topolobampo III, in the state of Sinaloa.