Our projects

  • DUBA (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) Salina Cruz
    Engineering, procurement and construction of an ultra low sulfur diesel plant complex in Salina Cruz Refinery Main activities: Engineering, procurement and construction of a water treatment plant, a sulfur recovery plant and a hydrogen production plant; remodeling of a various intermediate distillation hydrodesulfurization plant.
  • Atasta
    Expansion and adaptation of the process and gas transport center in Atasta Main activities: Expansion and adaptation of the fuel gas, venting, separation and stabilization of gas condensate systems, including self-supported burners, installation of up to 30” pipe in process areas, nozzle substitution, gas separation tanks, rehabilitation of 2 separators, heat exchangers, filters, hot-tapping, SDMC.
  • Kuil
    20" x 3.5 kilometer oil and gas pipeline
  • Cactus
    Construction of a 36” x 27 Km gas pipe Cactus-Trinidad Main activities: Procurement and construction, horizontal directional drilling, construction of regular line, instrumentation, go-devil traps, self-supported burner, SPE (ESD); cathodic protection, hot-tapping 36”x36” interconnections, hydro-pneumatic actuator, nitrogen-actuated cutoff valves.
  • Tanques Madero
    Construction of two 200,000 barrel storage tanks in the Madero Refinery Main activities: Procurement, construction, instrumentation, security system, F&G system, SCOA system. Tanks T-552 and T-553
  • CEFERESO Chiapas
    Maximum-security Federal Social Rehabilitation Center in Chiapas Federal security project; long-term service contract, construction of 100,000 m2.